5 Must-have tech products for event planners

April 19, 2017
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If there is one word that event planners use to describe themselves, it’s: busy.

From finding the perfect venue to booking the most compelling speaker to figuring out which tulips to place on what table, your to-do list can be endless.

Event planners are people who are GSD. You’re so busy getting stuff done that there’s certainly no time to find ways to make your event-planning life easier. So Waldo has done it for you.

Here are some of our favorite event technology products and platforms that will make your event more successful and your day-to-day job more manageable. From free organizational apps to cutting-edge tech products for your event day, these platforms are revolutionizing the event-planning world.

5 Must-have event tech products

  1. Bizzabo. This event app puts your whole event and project on one platform. It’s software that can help you manage every aspect of your event, including ticketing, promotion, marketing, communications, networking, and tracking.
  2. Todoist. This is for the true planner within us. This free to-do list app puts all we Type A personalities at ease with beautiful integrations into Slack, your desktop, your mobile, everywhere. Sometimes we like to add in a coffee break or two just so we can strike it off the list. It’s the small successes, people!

    Event technology
    With the Waldo Photos app, event attendees can send in a selfie and then receive all the photos taken of them delivered directly to their phone.
  3. Waldo Events. Full disclosure – this is our product. (Like how we snuck it into the No. 3 slot? Covert, right?!). We’re obviously big believers in this technology. It’s the only platform out there that is allowing event planners to actually increase and track their event photography ROI. Waldo is an intelligent photo finding and delivery platform that uses facial recognition and AI to find photos of your specific attendees and deliver them instantly to their phones in near real-time with easy one-tap social sharing options. It’s the perfect way to delight your guests and create buzz for your event.
  4. Periscope. Live video is certainly an event buzzword these days and can and should be used to create buzz for your event. Periscope is a fantastic tool to encourage event attendees, journalists, and bloggers to share their experience of your event, especially those who can bring their followers to your live video feed. There are also Facebook and Instagram live stories that offer a way for events and brands to share the real-time experience.
  5. Connect&Go. Events, of course, are all about the experience for the attendees, and this new wearable technology – if you have the budget for it – is allowing event organizers to jumpstart the attendee’s experience in a huge way. They’ve come up with some creative ways for guests to interact with brands and create rich content to share instantly on social media.
    What are some of your favorite event-planning gadgets? Share in the comments below!

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