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Watch David Crandall, Executive Director of SPOA and CEO of Waldo Photos, Rodney Rice, discuss how software focused on the “consumer” of school photography is changing businesses today.

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Built to help you sell more.

WaldoPro is an AI-powered photo management and sales platform designed to streamline your operations and increase your revenue.

Save time & increase sales with automated mobile proof delivery!

WaldoPro provides your customers with easy mobile viewing, ordering, and delivery. From automated text delivery of proofs to print orders dropshipped to their doorsteps, WaldoPro makes your operations effortless!

Reduce your overhead & streamline your business

Powered by face-finding and jersey recognition AI, WaldoPro automatically sifts and sorts all your photos, processes your orders, and fulfills them so you can focus on what you love.

Build and price your own custom print packages

From creating your own custom prints to setting your own prices, you have full control over how you want to sell your products.

Photo protection with FaceBlocker™

WaldoPro’s patented FaceBlocker™ technology helps you prevent screen captures and photo theft. Time to see that sales boost! Read more about our patent here.

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Jason Powers
JKP sports

Having Waldo’s technology at my side has created amazing opportunities for our business.

Staying ahead of the curve is an important foundation in all we do at JKP Sports, and Waldo has been able to help us accomplish this!

Krisna Goodwin
Goodwin Photography

Waldo’s photo finder feature saves me countless hours. In the past, I would have to come home and spend days sorting photos per contestant. Now, this is done for me within minutes!

The improvement that Waldo has brought to my photo management and delivery is huge. Waldo is basically a full-time employee that I no longer need on my payroll. I love it!

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