Using Digital Platforms to Manage and Boost Photo Sales

June 15, 2022
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Agreed, converting your talents into a full-fledged career is nothing short of wizardry. An artistic road, however, is often a bumpy one. You might be great at your work. But if you don’t have the right resources to market yourself, how will you get your work to reach as many eyes as possible while making money from it along the way?

With the “artistic side” of your work going in full swing, it might just be time for you to shift the focus a little towards the “business side.” You can find several digital platforms to help you manage and sell your photos online. Unfortunately, however, a majority of platforms don’t allow you to manage and sell photos on a single platform.

This is where the need for Waldo Photos comes in. Designed to keep the photographers’ success in mind, Waldo offers cutting-edge AI technology and a range of innovative tools to help photographers manage their photos smartly and sell them efficiently.

What’s Missing in Digital Photo-Organizing Platforms

Photo-organizing tools can help you avoid a full-blown photo-clutter horror. You can use them to choose your best work and organize the photos based on their location, categories, dates, and more. Some software also comes with the option to tag, filter, and keyword your pictures.

While digital photo organizing software helps you sort and organize your photos, most of them demand a fair amount of time and effort. The more advanced software often requires you to learn the necessary skill set to operate them first. Some tools let you post directly on social media, whereas others are mostly limited to manually organizing them. The single greatest drawback that accompanies most of these tools, however, is that you cannot sell your work directly from the platform.

Why It Can Be Difficult to Sell on Digital Platforms

You might have several hundred photos to share from an action-packed game of soccer you covered recently. Or you’ve accumulated a tall pile of saleable photos over the years. Either way, organizing and selling a mountain of photos is no easy feat.

Unfortunately, the competition within these selling platforms is through the roof. There are simply too many options related to the same concept. Once you click an image, these platforms display a plethora of related suggestions – making them one of the greatest exclusivity-killers.

At the end of the day, you still need to pour in a generous chunk of your time to download photos from your photo-management software and upload them on photo-selling platforms.

But, What If You Could Manage and Sell Your Photos on a Single Platform?

When it comes to growing your business, “time” is your greatest resource. Sure, digital platforms for organizing and selling to help you get the job done. But you soon realize you’re spending long hours despite investing in these tools. But what if you could access the possibility of managing and selling your photos on a single platform?

This is where Waldo arrives with its photo revolution. Waldo helps you upload, organize, and sell your photos without having to pour in hours of your time.

Professional photographers have used Waldo to cover several national gymnasts’ meets and high-profile events like Miss America. Some of the early adopters of Waldo have even seen a 100% increase in their sales. Wondering how that works? Waldo spills its secrets below:

  • Photo Manager – From keeping your photos impeccably organized to helping you boost your sales, Waldo’s photo manager can literally be your digital “right-hand man.” It is an AI-powered SaaS platform that employs advanced analytics to host, manage, and publish your photos.
  • FaceBlocker Technology – Waldo’s proprietary FaceBlocker tech provides unmatched copyright protection so you can sell your photos without the fear of piracy.
  • In-App Purchasing and Real-Time Delivery – Waldo takes your photo delivery game up a notch. Your clients can simply drop in a message, and Waldo can automatically deliver the photos they’re in – in near real-time. 
  • Print Sales – Waldo also drop-ships photo prints to customers by using its text-based delivery feature. With Waldo’s automated technology, you no longer have to manually handle every sale transaction.
  • Waldo Dashboard and other tools – Waldo helps you curate your photos in an organized manner. It also includes valuable tools that offer an ocean of insights to scale your business.

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Waldo is the greatest photo companion for every event under the sun. It can easily handle your volume photography and boasts a lightning-fast, text-based photo delivery system. For instance, if you’re covering a school sports event, Waldo can automatically deliver single or group photos of players within the frame using its numbered jersey-recognition feature. 

Aside from handling your “photo organizing and selling department,” Waldo helps you offer impeccable services to your clients and a long, long road to growth!

Ready to get those profits flowing? Join the Waldo pro revolution here.