Waldo Photos Delivers Crowning Moment at Miss America 2020

December 20, 2019
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Waldo Photos Delivers Crowning Moment at Miss America 2020
Candidates receive all their photos via Waldo’s facial recognition-powered mobile app

Montville, CT – Waldo Photos partnered with Miss America 2020 this week to deliver to each of the competitors and their families all their priceless memories from the event. Using proprietary facial recognition, Waldo finds each candidate’s photos and delivers them via text and app alerts as soon as they are uploaded.

The Waldo platform makes sharing and posting the photos taken by the Miss America organization a breeze. Each participant can share their private photo stream with up to six family members and post their favorite photos to Facebook and Instagram with one tap.

“We’re excited to bring Waldo’s cutting-edge photo delivery solution to Miss America. Our candidates work so hard to get to this moment and we know they will cherish the photos Waldo delivers them,” said Brent Adams, Vice President of Marketing and Development for Miss America. “We are excited to help our candidates and their friends and family connect through photos with this cutting-edge solution.

The facial recognition technology that powers Waldo is revolutionary for us, giving our busy candidates the ability to enjoy their experience while receiving amazing photos throughout the competition which they’ll cherish forever.”

Rodney Rice, CEO and Founder of Waldo Photos has been developing Waldo for four years, focusing on ways to leverage technology to improve the way we access our treasured memories from life’s most precious moments. The app is being used by hundreds of schools, camps, sporting events, and competitions.

“As we Waldo-fy Miss America, we get to give candidates and their families access to all of their memories throughout the week-long competition – both candid and on stage. With Waldo, candidates can spend more time immersed in the moment without the burden of trying to capture photos.

Waldo handles all of the photo-gathering and photo-sorting so that the Miss America candidates can just live the moment,” said Rodney. “Candidates can share their photo stream with family members and create custom postcards featuring their favorite photos, known as Waldograms, as well as build custom photo collages right from their phones to send to their families back home.”

Prior to Waldo, Rice co-founded HomeAdvisor and was part of the founding team behind Einstein Bros Bagels. Waldo Photos is backed by Upfront Ventures and Lewis & Clark Ventures.

For more information about Waldo, visit https://waldophotos.com.