How Numbered Jersey Recognition Has Changed The Game For Action Sports Photographers

May 5, 2022
players jersey being recognized by waldos jersey recognition

Sports photography is nothing short of wizardry. You hop into the middle of the “action” (figuratively, of course) to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moments that would be priceless for athletes and their families. Freezing action shots are certainly one of the most adrenaline-rush-inducing challenges – you’re basically just lost in the world your camera lens takes you.

And then comes the reality check — you’ve taken some fantastic shots (which is awesome!), but you’ve also opened, what we call, a “photos Pandora’s box!” You’re not even at half time and you’re burning up SD cards. You wonder how many thousands you’ll have taken by the time the game ends. 

You love what you do but it would be great if the athletes you capture enjoyed the images they’re in and you could actually make some money for your time and talents. You know only an athlete (or their proud mom) or two will weed through thousands to find a dozen or so of them.  So, how is jersey recognition changing the game for action sports photographers? And how on earth does it make selling action shots easy? Let’s take a look!

A Little Bit About WaldoPro’s Jersey Recognition Feature

WaldoPro has pioneered numbered jersey recognition and a mobile-first approach to pushing these curated proofs to the athlete and their family. Without WaldoPro, selling these photos demands extensive sorting and organizing. So, when the organizing hour strikes, photographers are required to set a good few days aside to sort photos keeping specific players in mind, and then share these photos with their clients. 

This is where WaldoPro’s numbered jersey recognition makes all the difference. The WaldoPro platform comes with a numbered jersey recognition feature that automatically sorts through photos based on the player’s jersey number. Let’s say you’re trying to group all the photos that include “Athlete A”. So, the photos of Athlete A would include:

  • Images with only Athlete A in them
  • Images that include Athlete A along with other athletes

Now, instead of spending hours manually sorting through photos of Athletes A to Z, what if you had an assistant who took care of the entire task for you? Well, WaldoPro is your virtual assistant who separates the photos by the athlete and delivers each grouping of photos to each athlete and their family.

How Exactly Does It Work?

It’s simple — athletes are able to add their team and jersey number along with a reference image via Waldo’s easy-to-use iOS, Android, or web apps. When you start capturing and uploading shots from a game, Waldo’s proprietary numbered jersey recognition technology begins the work – when a jersey number is matched with the athlete’s profile, a copyright-protected proof of the image, leveraging Waldo’s patented Faceblocker tech, is sent directly to the athlete and/or their family’s phone. With this technology, work that traditionally has taken days is completed within a matter of seconds by the software!

You may be wondering: Sure, this all sounds great, but I still have to spend my time transferring and uploading the photos from my DSLR to the Waldo platform. Waldo has a solution for that as well – through wireless DSLR uploading – to help save that extra chunk of time. 

Waldo is automated through and through. All you have to do is focus on capturing magical shots while Waldo does all the administrative and selling work for you in the background.

How Can Waldo’s Numbered Jersey Recognition Help Your Business?

To sum it up, WaldoPro’s AI-powered photography assistant does the hunting, arranging, and selling photos for you by:

  • Using jersey numbers to find and sort photos of athletes and aligning these photos with athlete profiles.
  • Automatically processing and fulfilling your orders by sharing these photos with related clients in real time. 

Thanks to Waldo’s revolutionary technology, sports competitions and events across the country have now found the easiest way to capture, sort, and share “memories from the field” with everyone involved. Here’s how WaldoPro can become the backbone of your business:

  • Saves time: With Waldo’s AI doing the organizing for you, you now have all the time in the world to keep mastering your skills and creating more impressive photos.
  • Deletes stress: Photography is more than looking cool with a camera. It is hours of work and sometimes stress to deliver the best to clients. With Waldo, you no longer have to deal with anxieties related to unsorted piles of images. 
  • Happy clients: Yep, this one matters the most. Clients no longer have to wait for days and weeks to receive their photos. Happy clients will also spread the word among the closed sports communities – which means more work coming your way!
  • Higher scope to scale: Waldo offers you the gift of time. With its numbered jersey technology handling the post-photography tasks for you, you are now free to take up more gigs than before and expand your business.

Get Your Action Shots Seen & Enjoyed

Action sports photographers understand how precious action photography can be for families. These photos are full of accomplishments and memories that athletes and families will reminisce about for years to come. Let technology unlock the value you capture. 

Waldo’s numbered jersey recognition technology makes it a win-win for both sides: it makes the photographer’s life easy by helping them save time and it delivers the best photos to clients in no time.  

Most importantly, Waldo helps you reap the best monetary benefits your work deserves. Ready to take your business to the next level? Team up with WaldoPro now!