5 Unique Photo Trends To Watch In 2022

April 26, 2022
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Photography is all about weaving visual poetry that leaves a powerful impact on the viewers. 

Being your own creator within your craft is great. But keeping up with the latest trends helps your work stay fresh and boosts your appeal to the audiences. While a photographer’s thirst for visual aesthetics can never be satiated, what’s the harm in experimenting with fresh techniques? 

Explore our compilation of the top 5 photo trends of 2022 to add some more colors to your already vibrant photography style!

Post-Pandemic Normalcy

Let’s cut to the chase – the post-pandemic era turned the photography world upside down. Masks everywhere, canceled or smaller-sized events, and social distancing have been the norm of life ever since. The world is only just recovering from the impact, and naturally, some of it had to seep into photography. 

Stock photos saw a massive demand for masked subjects in them. That said, masks or no masks, portraits are still portraits. Embracing the mask aesthetic in the street or in any photography seems to be an important current trend. 

The same goes for social distancing. In the world of photography, isolation, and social distancing brought about the trend of silhouette pictures. With a variety of angles, lighting, backdrops, and attires – there is a lot to explore in the power of silhouettes.

Capture The Movement In The Moment

If you’ve bumped across the most recent mainstream campaigns, you might’ve noticed how their still advertisements gracefully capture dynamic movements. The swirls of a gorgeous dress or the beautiful lines of the dancers’ moves – capturing the motion help viewers experience physicality even when pictures don’t move. 

For instance, some photographers might capture the stills of a ballerina on stage, and the viewers might actually experience the performance just by looking at the picture! Freezing “the movement” is far from easy. But with enough practice, you’re sure to get there.  

Lean On Natural Light

There’s never an end to what you can do with photography in natural light. Shooting outdoors includes many factors. For starters, you need to have an idea of the kind of photos you’re looking to capture. Are you capturing the scene in twilight, or are you looking for a pop of color in daylight? What is the mood of the picture like? 

See if your technical abilities can align with your artistic concepts for unique output. Mastering outdoor landscapes and lighting comes with infinite options, especially if you’re looking for artistic freedom beyond the studio.

Thinking of going all the way in? Grab your backpack and hit the road. Who knows, your shots might even make the viewers smell the flora, feel the chilly zephyr of the mountains, and take that “winding road to nowhere.” 

Man playing basketball

Go Minimal

Minimalism is the classic photography aesthetic popping up a lot this year. When a composition is stripped bare of all the unnecessary fluff and frills, that’s when you get a minimal photograph. Here, the photographer brings out the beauty in the bare minimum. 

While minimalism tends to look barren, it traps many layers if you look closely enough. The reason it is so appealing to the viewer is that it exudes a clean sense of art. 

Sophisticated simplicity, soothing negative spaces, isolated subjects, accentuated lines, shapes, and patterns – minimalist photos demand well-defined thought, keen observation, and unrestrained creativity to capture the impact within certain boundaries.

First Comes The Planet 

Rising sea levels, melting glaciers, furious heat waves – we’re talking about the looming threat of climate change. As a photographer, your work matters. But creating something that the future generation would thank you for matters even more.

That said, many individuals are now becoming more aware of what the future awaits if the collective population fails to save the “today.” For this reason, environmental awareness automatically becomes a timeless photography trend. And for a good reason. 

Even businesses today are leaning more towards sustainability. From fashion to construction and everything with a possibility of bursting up in the world – sustainability seems to be the soul of it all. This makes all the more reason to let your photography business blast into the lanes of planet-conscious endeavors. 

Final Words

So, there you have it – the top trends that are here to take photography by storm in 2022. Aside from supplying you with aesthetic satisfaction, these trends can also help your business grow. For instance, talking about the recent trends and what sells more and what doesn’t can help both your and your client’s business stay ahead of the curve. Aside from constantly implementing photo trends, your business might also need a bigger push. One that can help it grow exponentially. 

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