How WaldoPro Streamlines Picture Day into Shoot, Upload, and Done

December 20, 2023
picture day

We understand all the work that picture day photographers do to deliver the perfect photos for students, athletes, and their families. From ensuring that the pictures turn out perfectly to guaranteeing that they end up in the right hands–all while coordinating with the school or league–it’s a far more complex process than many realize. That’s why WaldoPro has made it our mission to make things as easy as possible. 

With the help of WaldoPro, you can overcome the challenges of increasingly restrictive access to parent data, the realities of email being overrun with spam, and the need to meet your customers where they are…. yep, on their phones! Not sure if it’s the right fit for your business? We’re breaking down how WaldoPro will increase your picture day sales while decreasing your workload and appeasing your families, schools, and leagues.

How WaldoPro Provides Picture Day Photographers with a Competitive Advantage

Easy Mobile Onboarding By Parents

All picture-day photographers know that ensuring your photos get to parents has become increasingly challenging with tighter and tighter data policies. WaldoPro takes this challenge head-on. Waldo is the industry’s first AI-powered, mobile-first sales platform for picture day photographers.

Leveraging auto-generated, branded marketing assets–including flyers, social posts, and more–your prospective buyers can scan a QR code, text in a join code, or follow a link and quickly add their child’s reference image. 

Automated Push Delivery via SMS 

With WaldoPro, your work is done once your pictures are uploaded. Waldo’s AI sorts and delivers each parent their child’s proofs directly to their phone. Whenever Waldo spots a photo of a child, the parents will receive a notification via text with a link for immediate viewing and purchase. Why is this important? We’ve found that these texts have 5-6x higher visibility than email. That means more eyes are on your product, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

No More Paper Forms or Checks

If paper order forms and checks were hanging on by a thread pre-Covid, the pandemic killed them. Today’s parents expect a digital experience, with a strong preference for mobile.  You want to make the purchasing process as easy as possible for parents to help boost your sales.

With Waldo’s highly mobile responsive web app, parents can easily pre-pay if you set up their picture day for pre-pay and/or purchase upon receiving their proofs via text alert if you allow for previewing. Once they enter the Waldo web app, your packages and products can be easily selected and purchased. 

Drop Shipping Prints

Once an order is placed, all photos will be delivered to your families’ doorsteps via quick drop shipping. You no longer have to worry about the photos taking too long or getting into the right hands. 

You’re not the only one benefiting from this, either. Schools and leagues will love your innovative approach to delivering your photos and not having to be responsible for delivery. Everyone receiving the right photos within three to five business days of shooting, uploading, and ordering will increase customer and partner satisfaction, leading to more repeat business and referrals that lead to a growth in accounts without marketing and sales expenses. 

Customized Products and Pricing

You’re in complete control with WaldoPro. You can set up package templates, create custom memory mates, and control your pricing for each shoot. If you want to offer a discount for early purchasing, you can change your pricing with the click of a mouse for all future orders. Unlike the printed forms of yesteryear, you have much more flexibility. WaldoPro also allows photographers to offer self-fulfilled products for those specialty items not supported by the lab.  

FaceBlocker Technology Prevents PhotoTheft

WaldoPro has a patented technology called FaceBlocker™ that helps you prevent screen captures on mobile devices and photo theft. Essentially, once a parent receives a text that they have new photos available, they cannot screenshot it to avoid paying you. If you’d like to learn more about this feature unique to Waldo, you can read all about Waldo’s patent here and see how it works. 

Access to Analytics 

With WaldoPro’s dashboards, you have powerful real-time analytics right at your fingertips. For each shoot, you can see each person onboarded, the photos they were delivered, and what they purchased. You can keep track of revenue, product costs, number of orders, and more. 

Powerful Remarketing Tool Extends Sales Window

WaldoPro provides more than just analytics surrounding sales. With Waldo’s MarketMax remarketing tool, you can send texts and emails to non-buyers with reminders and special offers. It allows you to reconnect with those who have shown interest in your photos but have yet to pull the trigger and purchase.

What is super powerful about MarketMax is it allows a photographer to quickly filter to all non-purchasers and send a text or email to all of them in seconds, with each recipient getting a unique link to view their proofs. 

Waldo’s CEO Rodney Rice said it best, “MarketMax allows our photographer partners to re-engage with prospective buyers who have yet to purchase, ultimately creating stronger customer connections and boosting conversions. With the integration of our patented FaceBlocked proofs, photographers can confidently send mobile proofs without fear of being screenshot.”

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