The Best Photo Workflow Solutions for Volume Photographers in 2024

May 17, 2024
video photographer at a high school volleyball game

In 2024, volume photographers can greatly benefit from leveraging AI-powered workflow and sales platforms. These platforms can drastically streamline the entire workflow while also improving the visibility of proofs and increasing conversions.

In this blog, we’ll cover why WaldoPro stands out as the industry’s best overall platform for volume photographers servicing schools and youth sports leagues.

Tailored Features for Volume Photographers

Advanced Facial and Jersey Recognition

One of WaldoPro’s standout features is its combination of facial recognition and numbered jersey recognition technology. This tool automates the photo tagging and delivery process, significantly reducing the time photographers spend sorting and tagging photos.

This feature not only simplifies workflow but also ensures that clients receive personalized photo collections swiftly and efficiently. Matching photos are texted to prospective purchasers within minutes of being uploaded.

Because WaldoPro has both facial and numbered jersey recognition, it allows volume photographers to streamline their software stack to a single solution for picture days and candids.

Robust Copyright Protection with FaceBlocker™

Security is a major concern for professional photographers, and WaldoPro addresses this with its patented FaceBlocker™ technology. This feature offers an added layer of protection by preventing unauthorized screen captures of the proofs delivered to mobile and desktop devices, ensuring that photographers’ copyrights are safeguarded.

With traditional wallpaper watermarks being increasingly removable using open-source software on the internet, WaldoPro’s patented approach to copyright protection stands out as the solution of the future.

Seamless Client Engagement and Sales

WaldoPro enhances client engagement through mobile-optimized checkout processes and turnkey drop ship delivery of custom, branded prints. The platform supports pre-paid packages and allows photographers to fully customize their print offerings and pricing, giving them complete control over their sales and client interactions.

Efficient Marketing and Re-engagement Tools

The platform’s marketing capabilities are particularly noteworthy. WaldoPro’s MarketMax system for re-marketing to non-purchasers uses SMS and email to re-engage prospective clients, driving additional sales through the timely communication of offers.

These features enable photographers to maximize their revenue potential from each event by reaching out to clients who have not yet made a purchase. Each communication carries a link unique to the recipient that directs them back to their proofs.

Conclusion: A Game-Changer for Volume Photographers

WaldoPro is the stand-out solution for volume photographers who are looking to spend more time shooting and less time with sales, marketing, and operations. It is the industry’s first platform that handles portraits and candids for schools and sports leagues.

By integrating advanced technology with user-friendly, elegant design, WaldoPro helps photographers save time, engage their prospective clients, and protect their copyrighted images, making it an ideal choice for professionals looking to streamline their business and boost their sales in the competitive volume photography market.