WaldoPro Introduces MarketMax — SMS and email remarketing system for volume photographers

June 22, 2023
Market Max banner

[Austin, TX July 22, 2023] – WaldoPro, a leading provider of cutting-edge photography solutions for volume photographers, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary SMS and email remarketing system – MarketMax. This innovative platform empowers professional photographers to re-market to non-buyers by leveraging the power of SMS and email communication, accompanied by links to WaldoPro’s patented FaceBlocked proofs.

The photography industry is highly competitive, and capturing the attention of potential customers is crucial for photographers looking to showcase their talents and drive sales. Recognizing this challenge, WaldoPro has developed a game-changing solution that enhances the remarketing capabilities of professional photographers like never before.

The SMS and email remarketing system allows photographers to connect with individuals who have shown interest in their work but have yet to make a purchase. By harnessing the ubiquitous nature of SMS and email, photographers can reach potential customers more effectively, offering them another opportunity to explore and appreciate the amazing photographs Waldo has found them in.

One of the key features of WaldoPro’s remarketing system is its integration with the company’s patented FaceBlocked proofs. FaceBlocked proofs provide a secure and convenient way for photographers to showcase their images without running the risk of screenshots or other unauthorized copyright infringement.

By including links to FaceBlocked proofs in SMS and email remarketing campaigns, photographers can create a personalized and engaging experience for potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new SMS and email remarketing system, designed specifically to address the needs of professional photographers,” said Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo Photos. “MarketMax will allow our photographer partners to re-engage with prospective buyers who have yet to purchase, ultimately creating stronger customer connections and boosting conversions. With the integration of our patented FaceBlocked proofs, photographers can confidently send mobile proofs without fear of being screenshot.”

WaldoPro’s new MarketMax module has been in beta through the commencement season where it has been utilized at over 110 high school commencements for Dorian Studio, one of the nation’s leading school photography studios.

WaldoPro’s SMS and email remarketing system offers an ability to leverage templates or customized messages and with Waldo’s state-of-the-art facial and jersey recognition and links to FaceBlocked proofs, these messages direct prospective purchasers to their photos that can be easily purchased in a few simple taps. 

As an industry leader in photography solutions, WaldoPro continues to empower photographers with innovative tools and technologies that drive their success. The launch of the SMS and email remarketing system underscores the company’s commitment to supporting professional photographers in their efforts to more effectively market their images in an increasingly distracted world.

For more information about WaldoPro’s SMS and email remarketing system and other photography solutions, please visit Waldo. pro.

About WaldoPro:

WaldoPro is volume photography’s most advanced sales platform. Featuring a suite of algorithms for facial and numbered jersey recognition and time-based matching, patented FaceBlocker copyright protection for mobile proof delivery, a user-friendly interface for customer onboarding, including SMS and QR codes, auto-generated branded marketing materials, and SMS and email remarketing, WaldoPro helps professional photographers sell more images in less time. 

For media inquiries, please contact: pr@waldophotos.com